Database management

Let Centione Help You Manage Your Critical Business Information and Processes.

Oracle software infrastructure has become the backbone of most organizations running enterprise solutions

to automate their daily business activities.

Oracle Database, real application clustering, Backup &recovery solutions, Application servers, and grid control

are all highly reliable yet sophisticated Oracle products the required Centione’s comprehensive Software

Infrastructure offers world-class consultation and services carried out by highly specialized consultants,

specialized expertise and experienced calibers to setup, configure, maintain and tune.


We keep your Oracle database tuned, secure and humming Centione provides Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

services to clients across all industries.centione provides you the DBA expertise you need in the  manner you need it,

Database design, partitioning, indexing and tuning services are a small subset of the Oracle Database related services

offered by Centione. Whether in simple operational setups or in more complex high-availability load balanced

environments, Centione’s experienced database administrators offer expert consultation services that are guaranteed

to best fit customer requirements.

Centione's DBAs  perform ongoing database maintenance related to performance, disk space, error logs, backups,and recoveries.

The team also stands ready to support future database upgrades including planning, scheduling, testing, and coordination.


Oracle Real Application Cluster, Rack

Centione’s implementation and configuration services includes those associated with Oracle’s Real Application Clustering

which is one of the most widely used solutions for active-active/active or active/passive replication in high availability

database environments.


Oracle Data Guard

Created as a disaster recovery solution, DataGuard is also a solution for high availability. It can be used to replicate and

maintain production databases which can be used to alleviate reporting job traffic on the server.

Extending beyond the typical setup and configuration of the Oracle Data guard software, Centione offers value-added

consultation services to assist customers in defining and implementing backup and recovery policies that best suit their

business needs and operational environments.


Oracle Security Products

Implementing Advanced Security, database and audit vault solutions is one of Centione’s key distinguishing offerings.

Through the use of Oracle’s portfolio of security solutions, organizations can take large strides towards regulatory

security compliance, protect against insider threats.


Oracle database  Management Services

Whether Enterprise Management for Database or Application server/Middleware Oracle’s enterprise management

packs provide a complete and integrated set of management  solutions, simplifying management tasks,

maximizing operational systems uptime, cutting operational costs, while increasing administrator productivity and efficiency.

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